Best Anti-Stress Supplement

Best Anti-Stress Supplement

Most people don’t listen to what their body is trying to tell them. You can’t expect a problem to go away by simply ignoring it, and that’s especially true of your health. Popping prescription drugs is how people prefer to handle stress, but it can be readily abused even under medical supervision.

Relieving stress via prescription drugs shouldn't be your go-to solution. Consider natural remedies when it comes to handling stress. You can turn to anti-stress supplements to organically fine tune your brain to cope with reality.

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The dietary supplement market is flooded with anti-stress pills, so it’s essential you pay attention to manufacturing practices. The ideal brand will embody transparency without being too expensive. 

Keep reading for reviews about the best anti-stress supplements-perhaps one might be the natural stress pill you've been searching for.

Our Recommendations

Finding the best anti-stress supplements when you don’t have experience shopping for dietary supplements can be a challenge. It’s a common rookie mistake to buy a supplement without doing any research on the manufacturer.

To help you save money, we completed the research regarding the best anti-stress supplements. After going through many options, five stood out to us that come from reliable manufacturers so that you can order it stress-free.

Continue reading for an in-depth review of each of our highly recommended supplements.

Best Anti Stress Supplement 

Winner: LES Labs Cortisol Health Supplements

LES Labs has found the perfect blend of natural anti-stress remedies and compacted it all into one capsule called Cortisol Health Supplements.

When taken daily, it can significantly lower stress levels by keeping your cortisol levels healthy.

The ingredients present in LES Labs Cortisol Health Supplements is one of its defining qualities. 

This brand prides itself in relying on non-GMO ingredients, which means you won’t have to endure side effects common in supplements for anxiety.

Those with any diet limitations don't have to worry about taking this anti stress supplement. It adheres to a vegan-friendly formula. Since the supplement has been extensively tested and researched on by accredited third-party laboratories, all the claims that LES Labs makes on their bottle is valid.

Magnesium stearate normally acts as a lubricant for tablets and can be a nuisance for customers. If your bowels are sensitive to magnesium stearate, you'll probably have a tough time finding a medication that doesn't irritate your intestines.

Lucky for you, LES Labs makes the impossible possible by swapping out magnesium stearate with organic rice bran powder and hypromellose. These two ingredients go easier on your intestines, so you don’t form any bowel complications.

This is one of the rare supplements that doesn’t cause more problems than it fixes. So, instead of feeling stressed that you’re having stomach issues, you could continue with your day as you normally would. 

In a single LES Labs Cortisol Health Supplement, you will find magnesium, phosphatidylserine, magnolia bark extract, hypromellose, ashwagandha root extract, and organic rice bran powder.

The formula is entirely drug-free, making it a natural remedy for stress. This is because the ingredients support adrenal function, which plays a role in maintaining cortisol levels.

The Rhodiola and ashwagandha root extract also aids in ensuring your body feels relaxed. The magnesium adds to that experience, making LES Labs Cortisol Health the best anti stress supplement in the market.


Runner-Up: Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager Supplement

If your stress problems largely have to do with your unstable sleep cycle, you have to address it with a natural stress relief supplement

Taking over the counter drugs only function as a short term solution because they are habit forming.

The second best stress relief supplements don’t have fancy stickers on their bottles claiming to be organic, but they still get the job done.

Our runner up, Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager Supplement will help you tackle years of unrest. 

Thanks to its unique, clinically developed formula to reduce stress levels. Your brain's relationship with cortisol peaks in the morning and steadily declines as the day progresses.

When your cortisol levels peak unexpectedly, your body is dealing with too much stress. When the stress becomes a daily occurrence that's when you'll begin to witness it impacting other areas of your life too, such as your sleep cycle.

If there’s nothing you can do to change your routine, then you deserve a bit of help that will benefit your body and not poison it. Cortisol Manager Supplement features non-habit forming ingredients that are well-known to reduce stress levels.

This anti stress supplement acts as a stabilizer to ensure your body’s cortisol levels stay on their steady decline from morning to evening. When you start your day, you can do so without morning fatigue while staying alert all day.

By the time night comes around, you'll be ready to go to sleep without any complaints. In fact, customers reported sleeping deeper while taking Cortisol Manager than otherwise.

Cortisol Manager is a befitting name for this supplement because it comes with ingredients that operate as natural stress relief. For instance, one tablet comes with L-Theanine, Epimedium, Ashwagandha, and Magnolia.

The formula of these natural stress pills ensures a peace of mind, which keeps you operating at optimal levels. Integrative Therapeutics works with partners who value quality ingredients that meet the highest of standards.

The requirements involve purity, identity, and potency. By adhering to these standards, you can expect Cortisol Manager to impact your life for the better.


Alternative: VitalFuse Soothe Stress Supplement

If you’re constantly restless or crumble under pressure easily, you need to incorporate herbal remedies into your diet that work with your brain.

Anxiety medication sedates you, while VitalFuse Soothe Stress empowers and calms you down simultaneously.

VitalFuse Soothe Stress Supplement will remove any power stress has over your mood by helping you manage it.

It restores the chemical imbalances in your brain so that you can say goodbye to those inconveniently timed mood swings.

Buyers had found no need to take their anxiety prescription when they made the switch over to VitalFuse natural supplements for stress. Vitalfuse is our alternative because it contains distinct vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and minerals that the other two supplements lack.

Simplicity and transparency are valuable traits for a supplement, and Vitalfuse delivers in both cases.

First off, you won't find any artificial or additive ingredients. You will discover seven natural ingredients whose potency is tested by third-party labs. Its recipe includes L-theanine, glutamine, chamomile extract, glycine, valerian root extract, GABA, and ashwagandha root powder.

Ingredients specific to this anti-stress supplement might make this ideal for your brain. GABA and L-Theanine are two ingredients that can make a difference as to how well the product works for you. GABA supports nerve activity related to sleep. L-Theanine, present in green tea, forces your body to relax.

Have you already used a handful of the ingredients listed to treat anxiety and ended up disappointed? We can assure you that you have never used all of these ingredients together at their specific quantities. VitalFuse chemically broke down what's needed, so you don't have to.

The best way to figure out the best anti-stress supplement is to seek the advice of a professional. It would be wise to observe how the supplement is affecting you. The three stress relief supplements reviewed above come with particular herbal recipes, so one is bound to do the trick.


Best Ashwagandha Supplement

Winner: Havasu Nutrition Ashwagandha Supplement

Havasu Nutrition produces supplements that don’t compromise your health.

Each Ashwagandha Supplement batch goes through a lengthy testing process to ensure its purity, potency, and integrity.

The natural solution for stress relief without the expensive price tag comes in the form of Havasu Nutrition Ashwagandha Supplement.

Invigorate yourself without crashing hours later with this Ashwagandha Supplement.

Havasu Nutrition doesn't include stimulants in its formula but relies on the medicinal qualities of herbs. 

Ashwagandha prevents fatigue from settling in at inconvenient times, so you rest deeply it's time to sleep. Customers noticed a positive change in their attitude after taking this supplement daily. The change was so drastic that pharmaceutical pills were no longer needed.

Havasu Nutrition believes that the ingredients set the foundation for the effectiveness of its Ashwagandha supplement. Humans have been relying on Ashwagandha’s therapeutic qualities for thousands of years. Even though this herb still provides medicinal benefits, the quality of Ashwagandha has changed for the worse.

The manufacturers Havasu Nutrition work with pride themselves in their innovative botanical practices. These high standards result in non-GMO ingredients.  They also translate to this supplement lacking any preservatives, sugars, or chemicals.

Havasu Nutrition's two-ingredient formula promises to provide stress relief and to enhance your physical performance and immune system. The pressure placed on the effectiveness of these two ingredients leaves room for customer dissatisfaction. Some buyers felt no benefit from taking this supplement, while others swear by its life-changing results.

One capsule contains 500 mg of Ashwagandha Root Powder and 50 mg of Artichoke Extract. Ashwagandha makes up a majority of the capsule since it’s the ingredient that will deliver on Havasu Nutrition’s promises.

Artichoke Extract makes up a fraction of the capsule to aid in digestion. This concentrated version of Artichoke ensures your intestinal walls absorb as much of the supplement as possible. This is one of the few Ashwagandha supplements to use a super-food extract for absorption purposes.

Havasu Nutrition lists two other ingredients that may impact your dietary restrictions. Vegans should stay away from this supplement because of its gelatin capsule.

Out of all the excipients, Havasu chose to include the generic Magnesium Stearate. The emphasis placed on filling capsules with generic ingredients shows its low regard for producing a high-end supplement.


Runner-Up: Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract

If swallowing natural stress pills doesn’t sound appealing to you, perhaps a powder supplement will do the trick.

Bulksupplements specializes in producing top quality herbal extract powders. The extracts are in high demand thanks to supplement manufacturers and individuals.

Other supplements that contain Ashwagandha extract probably sourced it from Bulksupplements.

BulkSupplements Ashwagandha Extract is so pure that it only lists ashwagandha extract as its sole ingredient. 

The manufacturing process includes extracting the Withania somnifera root in an FDA registered facility, which explains the authenticity of its products.

With BulkSupplements, you have access to nature's remedies without the changes supplement companies make to save money on manufacturing costs. It uses water as a solvent to extract the active ingredient in ashwagandha extract, withanolides.

Since the extraction process is water-based, it maintains the natural 5:1 ratio for Withania somnifera root. With one 450 milligram serving, withanolides make up 1.68 percent, which is a tolerable amount for your body.

If you’re sensitive to dietary supplements, your body will respond to the healing properties of the BulkSupplements Ashwagandha Extract. A single supplement pill contains higher concentrations of withanolides than that found in this powder. Creating serving sizes specific to your body’s needs is possible with this powder, but not with a pill.

BulkSupplements recommends taking this powder up to three times a day but cautions you to ask your physician beforehand. The most accurate method of consumption would be to use a milligram scale.

The Ashwagandha root extract comes in a foil zip pouch that's been factory sealed to ensure contamination doesn't occur. The contents of the pouch have been tested for purity and authenticity, so you know you're ingesting a pure extract.


On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Anti Stress Supplement


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Figuring which herb extracts are the best for stress relief isn’t challenging. You’ll notice a trend amongst natural stress supplements when you take a look at their ingredient list. Most brands rely on the same three herb extracts because they have the most evidence backing up their medicinal properties.

The best supplements for stress should have one of the three ingredients mentioned below since they will calm you down psychologically and physically.


Studies prove that ashwagandha plays a direct role in lowering cortisol levels. It functions as an adaptogen, so it aids your body’s ability to adapt to stress. Chronic stress symptoms will become less apparent thanks to ashwagandha. This herb will enhance your nervous system as well as adrenal gland function.

The anti stress supplements mentioned above rely on the therapeutic properties of ashwagandha. The mountain of evidence proving that it’s beneficial for your nervous system makes it a popular ingredient amongst natural stress pills.

As a side note, if you’re allergic to ragweed, avoid ashwagandha.


Chamomile tea is a popular caffeine-free drink that’s known to help ease you to sleep. Infusing dried chamomile flower with boiling water is not the only way to digest it. In fact, chamomile is an active ingredient in most supplements for stress and anxiety.

Supplement manufacturers extract the antioxidants and chemical compounds from chamomile. Exposing your body to these components causes an increase in melatonin and serotonin levels. These hormones reduce stress levels, so more of them translates to a less stressful mind.

Chamomile also reduces pressure on your blood vessels, which minimizes inflammation that constricts blood flow to your brain. This inflammation causes severe headaches, but thanks to chamomile that won’t be a problem.

Valerian Root

Scientists have isolated certain acids and antioxidants in Valerian Root that indirectly regulate your neuron activity. These compounds help ease the body without the negative side effects common with antidepressants.

Valerian root relationship with GABA is what keeps your anxiety at a distance. The valerenic acid inhibits the breakdown of GABA, which prevents a spike in nerve impulses. The lack of processed GABA results in you feeling relaxed and calm.

Anti-stress supplement brands love this ingredient because it drastically improves your response to stress. Valerian balances the presence of brain chemicals responsible for your mood, so your mood stays stable.

Is It FDA Approved?

FDA Approved Logo

The FDA doesn't actively play a role when it comes to approving the safety of dietary supplements. Before they hit the market, manufacturers and distributors have to ensure that their supplements are safe for consumption.

You strive for a stress-free mind, but don't trust the claims dietary supplement manufacturers make. We don't blame you because the FDA has laid back policy when it comes to nutritional supplements.

For instance, the FDA reviews a new supplement ingredient only for its safety, but not its effectiveness. If enough problems regarding a particular brand persist, the FDA will take action to remove the supplements from the market.

Manufacturers are held to low standards, so differentiating supplements based on quality becomes a challenge.

Only when you complete the necessary research on the supplement will you comprehend exactly what you’re swallowing. Brands lower manufacturing costs by outsourcing their supplement production. The only way you could know this is if you read the back of the supplement bottle.

To make up for the FDA’s lack of interest in regards to effectiveness, you have to pick up where they left off. It would be wise to purchase extremely potent supplements since they are known to be the most effective.

You need a supplement that has been clinically tested for pureness, safety, and absorbability. Without third-party testing, there is no data to back up the manufacturer's claims.

Advice Of Your Physician

Before you spend money on an anti-stress supplement, you have to take into consideration the advice of your physician. Since the FDA doesn't evaluate claims made by dietary supplements, you'll have to rely on a doctor's opinion.

A physician has a better understanding of your medical history, so they're more likely to recommend a supplement that works for you. Remember that supplements aren't meant to treat, prevent, or cure diseases and that the FDA stands by this statement.

How Often Do You Experience Stress?

People normalize stress to be a daily occurrence, but this shouldn't be the case. Stress is your body's natural response to life around you, and it can kick in as long as there's something to trigger it.

Your body relies on your stress response for survival, but it can work against you. If your stress hormones stay active, your stress levels remain elevated. When stress levels remain high for too long, you’ll begin to notice it taking a toll on your health.

Getting overwhelmed easily and staying in that stressed mental state is the easiest way to figure out if you’re dealing with chronic stress.

Chronic Stress Symptoms

  • Irritable
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Anxious
  • Depressed

Previous Experience With This Kind Of Medication

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Those familiar with using herbal extracts for healing purposes have a better idea as to what their body reacts positively too. For instance, stomach pain is a rare side effect of valerian root, which can end up causing you more stress if you expect the supplement to calm you down.

An ingredient found in the anti-stress supplements above may ring a bell. That's because you've most likely seen it in the vitamin aisle of your local drugstore. Before you try a supplement that's a mixture of herbal extracts, you can try the extract solely.


Anti-stress supplements promote a calm state of mind without causing you to form a dependency problem that's common with prescription drugs. Chronic stress negatively affects all aspects of your life, but you can give it less power by taking one of the best supplements for anxiety.

Within a month of taking these supplements, we guarantee you’ll notice the positive effects take hold. Most brands offer your money back after a one month trial period, so why not give it a try?

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