Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Review

Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Review

Close to 80 percent of the population feels stressed out in some form, and with an opioid crisis going on, natural herbal remedies seem to be the safest choice. Even in the dietary supplement market, you need to be meticulous regarding the brand you choose.

Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract



Clean & pure extract, Lab tested, Factory-sealed foil zip pouch


Not Guaranteed to Work


Taken from the root of the ashwagandha plant, this herbal extract is a natural anti-inflammatory believed to help with joint-related pain and promote good mental health

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Bulksupplements upholds a high standard in regards to its manufacturing process, so the purity of the product is unquestionable. The Ashwagandha Extract Supplement is a favorite amongst customers because of its ability to promote good mental health along with a boost of energy.

After talking to your physician about their opinions regarding the Bulk Supplement Ashwagandha Extract and they approve, you can then begin your daily regime of this herbal remedy.

Keep reading for a deep review providing a wholesome view in what Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement has to offer.

About The Product

Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract


  • One Ingredient
  • Non-habit Forming
  • Available: 500 grams, 1 kilogram, & 5 kilogram pouch
  • Serving size: 1/8th a teaspoon (up to three a day)

Transparent & Straightforward

BulkSupplements relies solely on the medicinal qualities of ashwagandha extract to treat various health issues. Withania somnifera is the only ingredient mentioned in the back on the pouch. The brand goes out of its way to state that the product contains no additives, yeast, dairy, sugar, soy, or gluten.

Any of you with dietary restrictions and allergies can readily add Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract to your smoothie in the morning. Most people don’t even taste it in their drink because you only need a little over an eighth of a teaspoon. With one Bulksupplements pouch, you can expect it to last 1111 servings, which is a long shelf life for a herbal remedy,

What Is Withania Somnifera?

Ashwagandha refers to the root of the Withania somnifera plant, which is what contains most of the medicinal properties. The plant resembles twigs that have been cut up into small pieces. Your local farmer market most likely sells them, so keep your eyes open.

Withania somnifera grows in the dry areas of Northern Africa, India, and West Asia. You may have heard ashwagandha referred to as "roadside weed" or "Indian Ginseng."

This herb is found almost anywhere in these regions, whereas that's not the case in the Western world. Make sure that the ashwagandha you consume comes from a source that adheres to high-quality production standards.

Keep in mind that even though a herb is called Ashwagandha, it may not come from the Withania somnifera plant. This herb could also come from Convolvulus arvensis, which is grown in an area with a temperate climate. Withania somnifera is the one that Bulksupplements uses, which ties into the ones Ayurveda physicians in dry regions use.

Pure & Clean

Bulksupplements guarantees to provide pure and clean ashwagandha extract, so you can ingest it without having doubts about where it’s sourced. The brand relies on FDA approved labs to run tests on all of its products for purity and verification.

Once it passes the tests, the supplement is factory sealed in a foil pouch and ready for sale. This packaging ensures the Ashwagandha powder stays as fresh as possible.

For less than $25, you could supply yourself with a 500-gram pouch of Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement. If you aren't impressed with the results after a couple of weeks, you should try switching the dosage or ask your nutritionist for advice.

How Did It Work?

Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract provides natural stress relief without causing you to form an addiction to it. Prescription drugs can be extremely effective in combating anxiety problems, but you’re likely to develop a habit problem.

Lower Anxiety

Studies show that ashwagandha can be just as effective as prescription medication when it comes to anxiety relief. It enhances your immune system, which ensures your body maintains homeostasis without causing attention to specific functions that would stress you out.

When your body is up against a stressful situation, it adapts accordingly and balances itself out thanks to Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract. Certain chemical compounds present in the Withania Somnifera root evokes a sense of relaxation.

This adaptogenic herb will continue to keep your mind and physical body at ease while you're in a stress-inducing environment. It functions as an agent against stress, so it helps your body naturally deflect the stress coming your way.

Lower Stress

Research shows that ashwagandha can lower cortisol levels, otherwise known as the stress hormone, by at least 30 percent. It can treat mood disorders since it helps your body naturally lower the stress it processes. This addresses any chemical imbalances in mind. With daily use of this supplement, your emotional intelligence will flourish.

Lower Inflammation

Inflammation frequently leads to severe health conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. Seniors and athletes would have a lot to gain by incorporating Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement to their diet.

This is because studies show that ashwagandha reduces inflammation. CRP, a protein that's responsible for monitoring inflammation, levels had drastically lowered.

Ashwagandha Extract Powder can nudge your body in the right direction to get it started. To grow in life, you need to be at peace with the present, and Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement can help you get there.

What Others Say

Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Packs

Incorporating Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement into your daily routine won’t prove to be a challenge because it can be prepared countless ways. Most customers love mixing it with their smoothie because you can’t even taste the supplement but still gain the health benefits from it.

Before you go workout, you should take ashwagandha to increase your energy levels and concentration. Few research shows that the herb may even impact certain hormones that have a direct relationship with energy levels during a workout.

Bodybuilders love taking Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement because it significantly lessens the post-workout muscle pain and joint soreness.


  • Affordable
  • Simple Formula
  • Friendly to most Diets


  • Not Guaranteed to Work

Buying Advice

If you're not accustomed to consuming supplements, we recommend taking pure ashwagandha extract powder since it is the basis of what all the anti-stress supplements are made out of.

Centuries-old healing practices depend on the therapeutic qualities ashwagandha provides for us. You can still put the knowledge of your ancestors to use when you try natural herbal remedies.

Final Thoughts

Ashwagandha Extract Supplement can physically reduce the effect stress has on you, which can be freeing for both your mind and body.

Once your mind is finally calm, what new hobby have you decided to pick up? Will you learn a new language? Should you take that kickboxing class? These are questions you can ask yourself now that you’re not wasting all day letting stress get the best of you.

Adding Bulksupplements Ashwagandha Extract Supplement to your shake is helping you get one step closer to that goal.

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