The Top 8 Most Stressful Jobs and Careers

The Top 8 Most Stressful Jobs and Careers

If you want to improve your health and live a healthier life, one of the best things you can do is eliminate stress, and the first place to look at is your job. Our jobs provide us with a source of income and something to do every day, but they can also be the main source of stress in our lives.

To give you an idea of which professions lead to the most stress, we'll go over the top eight throughout this article, and some of them will be sure to surprise you. Before diving into each of these jobs, let's take a moment to go over exactly what makes a job stressful in the first place.

Common Stress Factors in Jobs

There are quite a few factors in play that make a job stressful, and really put the pressure on, and the most prevalent one is fear. A lot of high-stress jobs either involve risking your life or others' lives, traveling, being in the public's eye, strict deadlines, and competition, and they all impact stress levels in different ways. We will talk more about each one and what jobs are associated with them below.



The first one we will discuss is being a firefighter. Although this list isn't in a specific order, being a firefighter is one of the most dangerous jobs that anyone can do. The act of dealing with fire and having to save the lives of others can take a serious toll on your emotional health and body.

When you are at work, you are on call 100% of the time, meaning that anything can happen. You can come into work feeling ready to take on the world, but you never know if you will make it home in one piece by the end of the day. Fear is the driving force of enabling a firefighter to have quick reaction times and to be courageous, but being in this state for long periods is stressful and weighs on their health.

Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor

Just like firefighters, doctors have the responsibility of saving lives. Even though they don’t have the same life or death possibility like they do, they have massive workloads and are more likely to work well into the next day if duty calls. And, to top it off, they are required to stay alert the whole time they are on duty even if they are sleep deprived.

Another downside is that working long hours can really create stress on your body. If there is a busy day at the hospital and many responsibilities to take care of at once, doctors can be seen running from one floor to the other several times a day. If your body is tired, your mind will follow suit.

News Reporter

News Reporter

Many people may not think of news reporters and broadcasters when they think about high stress careers, but they fall into the category due to the high amount of competition and pressure put on them by the media and the company they work for.

About a third of Americans have some amount of fear and anxiety when it comes to public speaking, and a lot of it has to do with perfectionism and being afraid of embarrassment. Most people in this job are going to be seen by thousands of people and have to communicate effectively every time to ensure that their message is delivered.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators are tasked to make everything as perfect as possible for an event, and most times the event is huge. Planning weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and any other big event takes a lot of time, dedication, and sometimes traveling to make everything great for the client. They are in charge of booking the venue, finding a caterer, decorating, clothes, and more all within a certain time frame.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Drivers

Another example of high-pressure jobs is being a taxi driver. They have to have a pretty good idea of the city to know where to go in case their GPS malfunctions, they can have really long hours without getting much pay, and they have to directly deal with strangers every single day.

Encountering so many strangers in short amounts of time can be stressful due to the level of risk that it involves. They never know if someone is calling the taxi to rob or harm them, and people can be pretty rude and obnoxious in some cases. And we all know how grueling it is to sit in traffic, but cab drivers might have to deal with it the entire time they are working.

Airline Pilot

Airline Pilots

Based on the job description alone, you have a pretty clear idea of why being an airline pilot might be stressful. Being responsible for thousands of lives throughout your career can be pretty intimidating, and the risk of malfunctions or accidents occurring can be hard to deal with since being thousands of feet in the air doesn't call for breaks or easy maintenance.

Police Officer

Police Officers

Much like doctors and firefighters, a policeman’s job is to protect the lives and wellbeing of others. Dealing with crimes ranging from petty theft to mass murder can be daunting tasks and involve a lot of resilience and strength to be able to keep up. There’s also the risk of dealing with criminals whose intention is to kill, so they are putting their lives on the line every day that they put on their uniform.

Enlisted Military Personnel

Enlisted Military Personnels

Lastly on our list is being on call in the military. Among the many positions you can have when you become apart of this career path, having to go out into the line of fire is probably one of the most stressful jobs that you can have out of any field. Dealing with gunfire, explosives, and uncertainty can dampen your spirit and mind.


Our number one source of stress usually stems from work for most of us no matter what work is being done, but knowing that there are jobs that are extremely stressful and tiring can make us appreciate what we do more and the work that others put in to keep us safe and help us in ways we can’t help ourselves. Thank you for reading.

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